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Custom revo tail light gt86

Custom revo tail light gt86

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This is a custom tail light order for Branden Johnson.

MODS: GT86 Cleared Valenti Revo taillights with reverse
• Blacked out housings
• Custom white diffuser over brake/ reverse leds
• Frosted turning signal diffusers
• White reverse leds retrofitted into brake slot ( Keep in mind you will still need your 3rd and/or 4th brake light to make this work)


Build time 3-4 weeks, after waiting time


6 months limited warranty from date of purchase on led products (led halos, led ropes, led bulbs). Limited warranty covers repairs to the led products, if beyond repairable state they will be replaced but will be charged.

1 Year limited Warranty on craftsmanship from date of purchase. This includes any fading to custom paint jobs and parts coming loose inside the lights. This doesn't include rough driving/wear or tear. Custom paint will be stripped and repainted if needed. Parts that have came loose will be reattached, of parts have been damaged, they will be replaced. If i suspect the cause of damage is from rough driving/wear and tear from daily driving, i have the right to refuse any repairs.

Out of state/International customers are responsible for their own shipping fees as they are not covered under the warranty

Refunds will only be given on parts within 30 days of the parts being mailed or installed in our shop.

If customer decides to cancel the order it MUST be before the build has started. After the light(s) have been open only partial refund (if any) will be given. The reason for this is because most factory warrant are voided once they have been modified, Thus not being able to return for refund.

Parts or entire light MUST be returned before refund will be given. A full examination will be done to check the state of condition before refund is given. If not satisfactory, it will be return and no refund. It is recommend if being shipped that the item is packed securely to avoid any damage.

Labor work, non reversible mods or custom paint jobs are not refundable under any circumstances

Professional installation is encouraged and recommended on all custom work, any flaws done if not installed by us in our shop we are not responsible for. (For all tail lights, all bolts are recommend to be hand tighten not tighten with power tools as it can break the seal or gaskets)

Condensation in lights may happen, we will reseal and clean the lense seals within 30 days after mailed or installed in our shop. Any cracks on the lenses or housings from wear and tear is not covered and we have the right to deny repair. For lights that have been opened or reseal by others besides Epiclights, before or after, we do not offer a guarantee against condensation. 

If customers choose to have the lights installed by a business/someone else, we are not responsible for the installation costs. If there is a warranty issue that requires the lights to be removed/reinstalled, we are not responsible for the costs or refunding the costs. Warranties are non transferable from customer to customer.

Under no circumstances will a FULL refund be returned after the product has been used or installed on vehicle. Only PARTIAL refund will be given on parts used( this includes any custom electronics that been added that was not originals part of the headlight/tail lights.)


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