Custom Build

All custom headlights and taillights build requests will be handled by email. Please email

In the email please supply the following information.

  • Year/Make/model of the vehicle.
  • Headlights or Taillights you want modified.
  • Do you want to modify oem or aftermarket lights. If aftermarket what brand.
  • Will you be supplying the light Assembly?( Must not be damaged or in bad condition, in some cases I don’t accept used and work with new assemblies.)
  • What modifications do you want done? (Examples; Halos, demon eyes, painted housings, projector engraving, projector retrofits, DRL showmode aka BlueGhozt, sequential turning signals, custom LED board, custom acrylic plate inserts, acrylic etching, custom wiring, etc.)
  • A link or photo of something similar or exactly what you want done. Or even a drawing if it can explain it more.

Wait list/Build schedule may vary.

Please keep aware that even through you can request for a custom build, Epic lights has the right to denied to build it if it’s not demed safe or street worthy. If the vehicle is meant to be solely for display or off-road then we may move forward.